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After attaining a first class undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology from Kinnaird College, Lahore, Pakistan, I felt I should gain some practical experience and first-hand knowledge of what the life of a psychology degree holder entails. I have an overall work experience of almost two years as a Pre-school Story Teacher, Human Resource Officer and Examinations Coordinator. I want to return to academic studies and undertake graduate degree in Organizational and Social psychology so that I am able to satisfy my need to specialize in the field of my interest and pursue my career towards becoming an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist.

Studying psychology has always been my passion since high school because I have been intrigued by how people behave and react in different situations. In addition it offers a variety of unique challenges and career paths that can be deeply rewarding. That is why I selected Applied Psychology as a major during undergraduate studies at Kinnaird College of Women, Lahore which is one the most prestigious educational institutions in Pakistan.

My interest in Organizational Psychology started developing while doing an internship as part of undergraduate Applied Psychology degree on ‘Employee Safety and Health Hazards ‘at Packages Limited Pakistan. It was during this time I learnt how organizational structures, social norms, management styles and job expectations influence people’s behavior, health and motivational performance while at the same time benefitting the organization as a whole.

I was further motivated to do my final year undergraduate research on ‘Organizational Culture and its Impact on the Performance, Leadership Behaviors, Diversity, Competence and Development Planning of Engineers wor...

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...tutions in Pakistan, I was looking to pursue a Master’s program in a renowned institution worldwide. London School of Economics is a globally recognized institution and based in the heart of one of my favorite cities in the world. I would consider it my privilege to be able to pursue graduate studies at London School of Economics and avail the excellent facilities and opportunities it has to offer. My skill set, academic and professional background is suited for Organizational and Social Psychology program being offered at LSE. I am confident that my enthusiasm will help me measure up to the rigors of graduate study and contribute as a dedicated student and a professional, but above all as a human being.

I look forward to joining the Organizational and Social psychology graduate program and having a mutually profitable association with London School of Economics.
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