Organizational Psychology

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Organizational Psychology

The University of Tulsa prepares Industrial/Organizational psychologists to deal with individual problems in the workplace. This philosophy matches my research area of interest on the effects of individual differences in the work environment. I believe that individual differences influence nearly every aspect of human behavior and interaction, including those in the workplace. By necessity, a successful manager is one who understands the potential influences of individual differences in the work environment. As an example, the management style utilized (as I have learned first hand) must match the personalities of the employees being managed. By conducting research in this area, theory relevant to motivating individually diverse employees may be developed and then applied. Of particular interest is the motivation of aging employees. The elimination of a mandatory retirement age has greatly increased the need for further research in this area.

My interest in the University of Tulsa is strengthened by the required practicum and field experience, as well as, excellent faculty and facilities. I intend to pursue a career in applied research and organizational consulting, therefore, these qualities are imperative to myself and my career.

My career goals are to: (a) initially gain practical experience in the field through employment with a consulting firm, and (b) eventually acquire a teaching position with a college or university, while continuing research and consulting endeavors. It is my intention to contribute empirically based findings to the Industrial/Organizational psychology field through my research and practice. I also hope to be a strong influence and encouragement in students' lives through my contact with them during their academic careers.

I have assisted Dr. Whitsett of the University of Northern Iowa psychology department in the writing of his book on merging companies with different organizational cultures. For Dr. Whitsett, I selected and condensed pertinent information from audio-taped organizational interviews. Dr. Whitsett's book has not yet been submitted for publication. My research experience will be expanded during the spring, when I will be assisting Dr. Whitsett with a research endeavor on Vroom's Expectancy Theory. I will also be a teaching assistant for Dr. Whitsett's psychology research methods class.

I believe I possess particular strengths that will contribute to my success in a graduate program. I am intrinsically motivated, possess a strong desire to remain "on task", and I persevere when confronted with obstacles and difficulties. Also, being a disciplined person, I have developed very useful time management skills to handle my busy work and class schedule during my undergraduate education.
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