Psychology Perspective Essay

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Alyssa Rhine English 10 Honors Mrs. Hayes A Perspective on Psychology Psychology is an ever growing field in today’s job field. Psychology comes from the Greek words “psych” meaning soul and “ology” meaning logic, it translates to “the science of the soul” (Ferguson). It was founded by a man named Wilhelm Wundt, he founded experimental psychology which later led to others discovering more in psychology Psychology is both a science and a profession, it is counted as a science because it’s about understanding people's behavior (Ferguson). Psychology is a great and interesting career choice for many generations Fields of Psychology In psychology there are many different fields for people, if you’re not interesting in one thing there will most likely be another option for you. The most common types of work in psychology is a clinical psychologist, health psychologists, neuropsychologists, counseling psychologists, developmental psychologists, forensic psychologists, industrial-organizational psychologists, school psychologists and social psychologists. A clinical psychologist asses, diagnoses, and treats people with emotional and behavioral disorders. These type of psychologist can treat short term personal life issues, to long term chronic issues such as, depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia and others. Sadly, a in a world we live in today these are found most common to teenagers and young adults. Some psychologist focus only on certain ages, an example is some people work with children only, or the elderly. ( Health Psychologists and Neuropsychologists go together in a way. A health psychologist study how health and illness affect a person’s life, they teach people and medical staff about on psychological is... ... middle of paper ... ...ject. To be a psychologist you have to be a good listener and know how to relate to people’s problems as well as other things. Just like every job there are drawbacks, but don’t all jobs have some sort of drawbacks? Being a surgeon you make great money but there’s so much schooling involved and bad hours but in the end you do what you enjoy and all your hard work pays off. Work Cited Best Jobs for the 21st Century. Farr, Micheal and Shattkin, Laurence, PhD. Indianapolis; Just Works, 2009. Print. Ferguson. “Psychology.” Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocation Guidance. 2000 ed. Print. “Careers in Psychology.” N.p 2014. Web. 12/9/2013 “Skills of a Psychology Major.” Hogrefe & Huber Publishers. n.d. Web. 12/9/2013 “Psychologists” N.p. 1/8/2014. Web. 1/14/14

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