Clinical Psychology: The Field Of Clinical Psychology

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The field of clinical psychology integrates the science of psychology with the treatment and assessment of complex psychological human problems, making it an exciting career choice. Further, the study of the mind will likely never “ end” such domain will always hold value. Clinical psychology is a fascinating science that is anxious with the assessment and treatment of mental illness, abnormal behavior, and psychiatric problems. This research will describe the career of clinical psychology, what is required to become a successful clinical psychologists, and the impact this career has on society. Clinical psychologists must be emotionally and mentally stable, also must able to communicate with a broad range of people. Those individuals…show more content…
Clinical psychologists in private practice usually have comfortable offices, most work 40 hours per week; However, their schedules vary. Depending on where they work or if they have their own business, their schedules works and many include some evening and Saturday hours. For example, clinical psychologists working in hospitals might work obligatory shifts that include evenings and weekends, sometimes in Christmas too. The average clinical psychologist works 7 hours a day.
In clinical psychology, there is an equal opportunity to all qualified persons without judgment to their sex and sexual orientation. Also, there is an equal opportunity to all individuals without regard to their age.
As a clinical psychologist individuals must be able to analyze the information they collect and draw logical conclusions from them, demonstrate patience, have devotion to their work, be responsible and honest. Also, clinical psychologists must have excellent problem-solving skills, have a good grasp of scientific competence, have motivational skills, and strong interest in healthcare and science. Psychologists must keep patients problems in
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The things that could help an individual are: Participating in psychological activities, working with a mentor, participate in at least one internship, volunteer in psychological researchers, and have college recommendation letters. The best way of entry for an individual would be educational level by acquiring the most possible knowledge. This method teaches and enhances other life skills, and it’s these same skills that will prepare a person for a variety of opportunities within the field of clinical psychology.
A career in clinical psychology offers more than just intangible rewards and satisfaction. The average expected clinical psychologist salary in the United States is $76,741 a year. Clinical psychologist with no years of experience has a starting salary of $50,977 per year during their first four years of work. The annual earnings of someone with the job title of a clinical psychologist may vary depending on a number of factors. Some of the factors include industry, company size, location, level of education, and if the individual has his

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