Statement Of Purpose In Computer Science

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From my childhood till today, my most remarkable attributes have been my curiosity to learn new topics. My avid interest for learning new ideas, when blended with my inner desire to reach a degree of excellence in every piece of work I execute, enabled me to acquire substantial knowledge on various aspects of nature and technology, furthermore leading me through a successful educational career.
During my early ages in school, I was introduced to MS-DOS, ‘BASIC’ language and on how computers can be practiced. From then, I became fascinated about computers. Though I was exposed to more of theoretical aspects of computers than practical aspects in my last three years of high school, an extensive foundation in all the fields of computer science began after I joined the Bachelor of Engineering program at a university which provided outstanding faculty, splendid laboratory facilities, advanced curriculum which keeps us acquainted with the latest changes in the field of computers and a highly ambitious environment provided me with a broad exposure to the core computer subjects with proper practical training.
I diligently follow the technological conceptions by reading periodicals and attending various workshops. Attending workshops such as Embedded Game Development, Information security and cyber forensics, Drupal- Content Management System have helped me enrich my knowledge and gain exposure in various aspects. And to acquire knowledge on these widespread technologies, I familiarized myself with them through various online certification courses.
Besides theoretical knowledge, I gained practical exposure in computer science through summer training and project works. I have made a project named “E- Notice board” an android application...

... middle of paper ... Computer Systems. Within this field, I am interested in Operating Systems and Computer Networks. My practical training and my courses have given me plenty of exposures to these areas and I am determined that a committed study on Computer Systems further will enable me to combine all my previous knowledge and experiences in a particular field and encourage in achieving my career goal. I am positive that my academic records and practical knowledge combined with my eagerness to do research demonstrate the perseverance and zeal required to pursue Masters Degree in your reputed university.
Based on the information I obtained as a result of research on your esteemed university, I realized that there exists a vast scale of opportunities with excellent computing facilities in your department. Hence, I am convinced that my ambitions are best fulfilled at your university.
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