Standards for Neonatal Care in Australia

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Through the process of research and the collection of artefacts, I have gained further knowledge to assist in the nursing care for an adolescent family. These artefacts provided the appropriate information required to make educated decisions as to the best possible outcome for this young family and their baby. The research artefacts explain the required Australian standards for neonatal nursing, possible mental health changes in the mother post birth, as well as the nursing assessments and developmental makers of infants. The Australian standards for neonatal nurses artefact, discusses the standards required to properly assist in the nursing care of a neonate family. This particular artefact has displayed step-by-step guidelines to ensure strong healthy relationships between the family and the health care professional. These Standards include parental participation, protection of rights and development of therapeutic relationships (Australian College of Neonatal Nurses, 2012). This allows young first time parents the chance to be properly educated on how to care for their infant, as well as understanding the normal physical changes infants will experience in the few days post birth (for example the baby’s appearances and actions) (Raising Children Network, 2014). By allowing the parents to participate, the development of a therapeutic relationship and trust will strengthen. This will allow the parents to confidently confide in the nurse with any health concerns or issues that may arise, such as bad habits (i.e. smoking or drugs). With a strong relationship, the chances of a better outcome increase and the levels of stress and worrying are maintained. This will reassure the parents and provide them with the confidence of knowled... ... middle of paper ... ...rieved from: Raising Children Network (2012). Newborn Development: in a nutshell. Retrieved from: Northern Territory Government (2014). Growth Charts. Retrieved from: Northern Territory Government (2014). Length for age: boys. Retrieved from: Northern Territory Government (2014). Weight for age: boys. Retrieved from: Queensland Government (2009). Queensland Maternity and Neonatal Clinical Guideline: Examination of the newborn baby. Retrieved from:

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