Nursing: Neonatal Nursing

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In the nursing field there are many different options to pick from but if you adore infants then neonatal nursing could be a good option for you. A neonatal nurse is an expert who takes part in caring for premature and sick newborn infants. A newborn infant requires a lot of care, patience and also requires a lot of your attention. Considering the infant needs a lot of attention, you are basically serving as their caregiver. Babies who are born premature face many issues such as respiratory distress syndrome, apnea, anemia, chronic lung disease, and infections. The expert has the job of treating and caring for the infants’ and also providing nutritional and medical requirements for the infants’. Neonatal nursing is a very challenging field which requires a lot of education before you can become certified. A person’s education has to be backed up by many certifications before even coming close to holding a baby. The expert has the job of supporting loved ones of the infant while they are feeling upset or overwhelmed. Also the expert has the responsibility of showing parents how to properly care for their infant. Most neonatal nurses work in hospitals others may have positions in home care or follow ups of infants. When you work in the hospital, it can be very hectic but if it’s really what you want to do, you will do it.…show more content…
She states “I think my job is very important because we are monitoring these little babies for serious fatal conditions and it’s very important to be able to assess certain situations that could be life threatening to the child. Other jobs may not have such responsibilities that include using some of our equipment, we are special trained professionals.” I believe Ms. Sesto is making it very clear that working in the NICU is very different than any other department of
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