My Nursing Philosophy: My Philosophy Of Nursing

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Developing a philosophy takes time and is cultivated from many different sources. When working to establish my own theory behind nursing I have determined that the original basis of my philosophy steams from my childhood experiences. As a child growing up in a family with three other siblings, chaos was often guaranteed to occur on a daily basis, but I always worked happily to help my parents diffuse the numerous problematic situations that erupted. From a young age I was identified as the caretaker of my siblings, as a result of always being left in charge of my two younger sisters and one older sister. Caring for others has always been a deeply engrained part of my character, and it is a majorly influential factor that pushed me towards…show more content…
When asking a nurse why they became a nurse the first statement that they will often provide you with is centered around their love to care for others. To provide effective care it is important for a nurse to care for the whole person not just their injuries. Through the use of therapeutic touch and conversations as well as treating each patient as an individual, this enables more in depth care to be provided to each patient that a nurse treats. I hold this facet up to the highest standards as providing equal and respectful care to each client in regards to their emotional, mental, physical, and cultural needs makes all of the difference to a patient in the healing process and person-centered nursing.
As a new nursing student with limited clinical experience, my philosophy of nursing is an area that I am quickly expanding upon each day. It is exhilarating to observe the core aspects that comprise my theory of nursing in practice, such as caring for the individual’s needs or the effects of the environment on a patient. Looking forward into the future, I am eager to add to my nursing philosophy as I continue to gain clinical
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