St. Mary Clinic Case Study

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Hello Mr. Goertzen, I am a grade nine student, and today I will discuss with you about an issue that deserves further attention. It will affect many people in Winnipeg soon. The issue I am talking about is the closure of four out of the five quick care clinics.Confusion is imminent to take place when there are changes made. With the different changes that have been taking place with our health care system, there is bound to be confusion with patients and their families. The best way to close the clinics is by doing it one by one. Like when the St. Mary clinic was closed. This will help patients get used to leaving the quick care clinics and going to other options. The public will be more comfortable using the services provided by our health

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that closing quick care clinics is a poor choice because it will do nothing to save money.
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