Canada's Healthcare System Essay

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Introduction Many people in the world may think that Canada has the ideal system of healthcare for it's citizens, but that may not be entirely correct. Although the healthcare system in Canada has excellent features such as the standard of care and acceptance of all it's residents, it is quite often misconstrued. Each province in Canada is different, but they all run with basically the same set of rules and regulations, each required by law for the basic health care services to be provided. Canada's healthcare system is based upon five main principles, those being universality, portability, comprehensiveness, accessibility, and public administration. These principles are usually enforced, however, what some people do not realize is that there are a few negative aspects of the way healthcare is …show more content…

Some of these aspects include long wait times, uneven distribution of care, and most importantly, the various costs. Canada's system is certainly not the worst, but it is not the best either. The provision of care for Canadians is not flawless, however it is significantly better than some of the forms of care in other parts of the world. In contrast to the United States, Canada's healthcare system is thought of as a shining example of what they wish to achieve, but there are a few holes that need to be filled before any country can look up to Canadian healthcare. One of the issues that need to be address in Canada's healthcare system is about delivery, as there can be some bias as to who is eligible for things like proper treatments and surgeries. Another example could be being referred to a specialist that is not covered under a patient's insurance, resulting in possibly high costs. Lest Canadians be forgetful of no hospital bills or be ungrateful for the quality of the care and facilities, many still need to be educated on why the healthcare system is not entirely perfect. Therefore, this paper will outline why Canada's healthcare system has

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