General Hospital Case Study

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Company profile
Howard County General Hospital (HCGH) is a member of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Howard County General Hospital established in 1973, mission is to provide the highest quality care to improve the health of our entire community through innovation, collaboration, service excellence, diversity and a commitment to patient safety is carried through in all that we do (Howard County General Hospital).
59 bed short stay facility, an independent, not-for-profit hospital
1998, entered into a strategic partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine
Expenditures total approximately 235 million per year
Salaries and benefits of approximately 112 million
More than 300 volunteers contributed over 23,000 hours of service
Business situation
As a result of the recovery of the market, Howard County Hospital want to procure a leading role in investing in the community it serves with a rewarding lifestyle, professional development. Product by promoting a culture that diversity within the community and the work place changing standing out and showing who we are as an organization. Furthermore, in order to understand the companies need the organization requirement in uphold the market using the dynamic of the four Ps product, price, place and …show more content…

Still, over the years the hospital continues to expand and transition while less than six years later, we are expecting another adjusted in the subsequent three years due to the development expansion in the community, and we feel our need to grow as well. Community involvement, Where is the competitive doing and how well are they doing, could make it possible my organization to top what other organizations are doing and how we can take it to the next level and make it a better product for our organization? During the E-Huddles suggesting plans for Compliance rates in providing patient monitoring and documentation updating the staff through a practice

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