Exploring Pharmacy Experience at West Florida Hospital

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West Florida Hospital located in Pensacola, Florida offered a pleasing Introductory Pharmacy Experience for me. Based on the West Florida Hospital website, they are affiliated with the Hospital Corporation of America known as HCA, which is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare. They provide private rooms for all their patients. This facility is the only one in the area that is an Atrial Fibrillation Certified hospital and first Accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI and Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. West Florida is a “for profit” hospital, and an Advanced Primary Stroke Center. The hospital offers many services in obstetrics, emergency care, oncology, orthopedics, cardiology/ cardiovascular surgery, neurology/ neurosurgery, behavioral …show more content…

The Leapfrog Group’s Fall 2015 Hospital Safety Score rated West Florida grade A for patient safety and they have been named one of the 100 Top Hospitals in the nation. West Florida provides a diverse patient population. They serve a wide variety of individuals that need medical attention. Patients can array from pregnant women and newborns to the elderly. The service provided can range from the common cold to terminal cancer. West Florida accepts every individual and their family and treats them like family. They dedicate themselves to serve as the quality leader in their area. While under the supervision of my preceptor, Dr. Jerry Barbee I had various task. On the first day I worked closely with the fourth year student from Auburn University. Dr. Barbee was working as a clinical pharmacist that day and he was in the critical care unit. The fourth year student and I were instructed to take the medication to their complimentary floor and put them in the Pyxis system. This system basically restocks the different floors medications, so that when they need them they will be available. After watching the fourth year student, I got a chance to scan protonic pantoprazole, which is a …show more content…

Dr. Barbee came to work in slacks and tie every day. The reason I know this is because the fourth year student told me that he was required to wear the same. Some of the technicians and pharmacist had on scrubs and crocs. This was not a representation of professionalism, but Dr. Barbee made sure to carry himself professionally. He was a very calm and soft spoken individual, he was polite and very respectable. “The key to quality and efficiency is professionalism.” He showed all the qualities of being professional and was a great role model to us. Also Dr. Barbee was asking me some questions about Diabetes. I knew the answer to most of the questions but some I did not know, so I looked them up on the search engines he provided. I learned some new things that helped me later in my pathophysiology and physiological chemistry class on the topic of Diabetes. Diversity is a key aspect of the hospital because they serve all individuals. From infants to elderly, to disabled to

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