Midwest Hospital Case Study Essay

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Case Study Overview
This paper’s brief intent is to identify the policies and procedures currently being developed at Midwest Hospital. It identifies how the company’s Management Committee was formed and how they problem solved and delegated responsibilities. This paper recognizes the hospital’s greatest attributes and their weakest link. Midwest Hospital hired Dr. Herb Davis to help facilitate the development and implementation of resolutions for each issue.
Dr. Herb Davis is a well-rounded Physician that brought a wealth of experience to Midwest Hospital. Dr. Davis approach is of a supportive nature. He recognizes the value of his workers. Dr. Davis has proposed forming a Management Committee which is comprised of his assistant, the clinic office manager, the nursing manager and two physicians.
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Therefore, procedures below should be used to resolve Midwest Hospital Urgent Care issues.
1. Work in real time to adapt to change
2. Standardize clinical and administrative tasks for routine and urgent care visits
3. Adjust schedules for seasonal variations, (Mondays and Tuesdays)Evaluate routine care visits (vs.) urgent care cycle times
4. Set accurate expectations with patients and manage wait times effectively
5. Optimize face-to-face time with patients
6. Commit to timeliness to improve continuous workflow efficiencies
The procedure decisions outlined above minimizes physician frustrations, and maximizes opportunities to achieve better successful outcomes.
Office hours for both Monday and Tuesday are 10:00AM until 10:00PM. Although these days are not as demanding as the later days of the week the urgent care center must have physicians available to see patients. Having more of the budget available for staff and physicians working those days seems to be the best possibility for meeting the

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