Spending on Advancing the Arts is the Proper use of Public Resourses

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"As long as people in a society are hungry or out of work or lack the basic skills needed to survive, the use of public resources to support the arts is inappropriate——and, perhaps, even cruel——when one considers all the potential uses of such money." Although I understand that the mercy that the speaker shows to the people experiencing starvation and unemployment, by asserting that the government should spend more money on the jobless and hungry people rather than squandering money on arts, I have to stand out that it is unwise to exclude art from using of public resources by just considering the starvation and survival problems faced by a minority of people. Admittedly, eliminating poverty is definitely deemed to be one of the ambitious missions of our society in a long run for we are not merciless humankind to witness so many people struggling with the housing problem and starvation. However, if a country ties up all its capital in solving starvation and unemployment problems and has little incentive to invest in art industry, with considering art as unnecessary luxuries, I would rather put it under the label of a refugee camp instead of a country. Every country has its own traditional culture. The essence of traditional art is to illustrate the national culture to the people all over the world in its unique artistic way. Why do we human beings distinct from other creatures in the world? We will never be satisfied with only enough food and safe shelter but starve for art which illuminates our life in the darkness and frustration. It is we humans who have a heart opens and seeks for arts forever. We know how to appreciate art and we deserve this. Take Van Gogh as an example, he would rather quiet his stomach with painting than go out and find something to eat. He couldn’t live without his painting while he endured hungriness. Therefore we should be determined to foster the development of art for the majority in the society is waiting to enjoy life in ideological field aside from satisfied life necessities. We feel more fulfilled when we get something to communicate with our heart. We hear the echo of our heart. In the second place, is art really a kind of luxury and money consuming? Are the antique buyers billionaires who just interested in the antique itself? Actually not, in most of cases, it is the huge profit that drives many smart investors to heed on the antiques and cautiously pour their money in the realm of antique collectibles.

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