The Importance Of Art In Society

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Stephanie M. Adams
December 15, 2013
AMS 9-2
AMS Midterm Project

I. In society, art is very important. It is one of the best ways to express yourself. Art provides enjoyment to the society. Art helps provide a better quality of life for many people by making their lives better.
II. Art says a lot about society. Since art is a way to reflect yourself, it reflects society. The art that is around from this era reflects what is going on during the present time. It also in a way can reflect the views of a society. Art from the past reflects what happened in the past. Art from the past can tell a lot about the society it came from. For example, ancient Greek art was very detailed and perfect. Also, the ancient Greeks themselves strived to do whatever to make the gods happy, so the perfect, detailed artwork reflected that society.
III. My favorite type of art is music. Music is a type of art that is unique because there are so many different types of music. Music can be pop or rock like you hear on the radio, or it could be instrumental like from a band or orchestra. Music is also a great way to express yourself. When you write lyrics or pick a melody for a song, you express your emotions. Fast, upbeat songs are usually happy songs, and slow, quiet songs are often sad songs.

Central Park

IV. Seneca Village was the first major African American community in Manhattan. It was founded by escaped African American slaves in 1825. In 1827, many New York slaves were freed, so they needed a place to live. The location of Seneca Village was ideal because most people living in Manhattan at the time lived south of Chelsea, so land uptown was cheap. Seneca Village offered plots of land for $...

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... casualties of 49 dead and 200 injured. Many readers panicked, even though the end of the story stated "the entire story given above is a pure fabrication." The authors later claimed their intent was merely to draw attention to inadequate safety precautions at the zoo, and claimed to be surprised at the extent of the reaction to their story.
Over the years, Central Park became what it is today. The people who visit the park every day helped to shape it into what it is today. Currently, many concerts are held at central park. Every winter there is ice skating and it is always picturesque when covered in snow. Central Park was named one of 2013’s most Instagramed locations in the world. Central Park has always been and probably will always be a nice place to go and spend the day with the family. There is always something cool and exciting to do in Central Park.
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