Spanking and Physical Punishment

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Children are like flowers, if well taken care of they will glow. If ignored or tortured, they will damage or die. Child discipline is one of the most significant basics of successful parenting. Today, many people have this belief that physical abuse is in no way a solution to helping children recognize between right and wrong. Since generations children have been learnt the art of discipline through physical punishment. Often this approach to disciplining has resulted in two consequences, one is where the child becomes more generous and is able to obey what he or she has been stated, or the other which more often results in children developing a sense of suffering and wish to revolution. I believe that sometimes parents are caught in a situation when children annoyed all boundaries of discipline and spanking is the only actual answer. Therefore, it is essential to do spanking for child discipline since it is the important element of successful parenting.
Parents often come through situations where young children often disrupt their parents by ignoring the realism of the verdict they create. At this fact, some parents may select to physically punish their children and show their frustration. Before spanking, parents should consider the use all the other non-violent forms of discipline and if none work then finally the act of spanking can be justified. Parents have to understand that they will have to discipline their children for many ages. A spanking needs to be part of that discipline. People must appreciate that as long as the child is spanked in the right method, it is certainly not child abuse but it is only discipline. If a parent is self-controlled and systematic, spanking is not violence or abuse. In reality, spanking can r...

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... are primarily the hand because they are the ones who are always with the children. New era of parents and lower income appears to predict spanking children. Parents who spanks their children are mostly spanked as a child and repeat the pattern on their children. The aim of spanking is to help control the children and to discipline them.

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