Some of the Causes for Divorce

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A beautiful bond that connects two people through marriage can suddenly break and turn into a divorce. Couples sometimes face some difficulties throughout their lives, and they have to make decisions. Some handle their problems properly and manage to settle their arguments to prevent a serious decision such as a divorce from happening while others struggle to find a way to solve their issues which make divorce their only option. Divorce is breaking the marriage vows a couple had taken when they first got married. It ends the relationship the couple had together. The causes of divorce vary greatly from couple to another, but many people agree that infidelity, lack of communication, and financial problems are the three main causes of divorce nowadays.

To begin, one of the leading causes of divorce is infidelity. Infidelity happens when the husband or wife decides to replace their spouse with another one secretly. In other words it is known as cheating. The reason for this is that after the spouse discovers that his or her partner is cheating, the spouse feels that he or she cannot trust the partner ever again. As the partner finds about this infidelity, he or she would definitely get these mixed and negative emotions, which are often the reason for a divorce (Meyer, n.d.). One of the emotions that the person feels is anger. A person would certainly get angry after finding out about the affair because it is considered as a violation of the vows that they took when they first got married and as damage to the marriage and relationship (Meyer, n.d.). Another emotion felt by the spouse is denial and rejection. A person feels that he or she is no longer wanted and are rejected when they discover that another replaced them (Meyer, n.d.)....

... middle of paper ... now or save it for the future. Additionally, many couples have not talked about their financial situation before getting married and do not often consider talking about the role money plays in their relationship and life (Lee, 2013). As a result, couples discover these things after getting married and realize that they won’t be happy and successful having financial troubles. This is when couples decide to divorce. Furthermore, some couples do not like to act as a couple and prefer to spend their money separately (Lee, 2013). They do not like to help each other when it comes to finances. This situation often leads to divorce, because couples are not able to achieve their future goals, since they are hiding their money businesses from each other (Lee, 2013). Hence, these financial problems tend to cause problems between couples and eventually lead to divorce.
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