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When it comes to our families and close relationships, we tend to treat everything with extra care, and even more when we talk about marriage and romantic relationships. What are some of the reasons that cause a marriage to end? The question itself its complicated, the answer is even more. Its seems obvious that when things do not work out, then the solution is try to fix it, if the issue is still a problem, then the only solution left is to end it. Well, Even tough many couples choose to divorce, many other married people, today decide to continue their lives together and never get divorced. But there are other couples who do decide to get divorce. Exist many factors that can contribute to that. Social, Predisposing and Relationship factors, age, poor decision making, and level of education (among other). According to the book "sexuality now" a mutually shared decision is usually uncommon. Most of the time, while one partner desires to end the marriage, the other one is not so sure about it. One study found that the initial decision is usually taken by women (Brinig & Allen, 2000). Those cases are very common "women initiate two thirds of all divorces." Then, the hard part comes when they really have …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that many couples choose to divorce, but there are others who do. social, predisposing and relationship factors, age, poor decision making, and level of education can contribute to that.
  • Explains that a mutually shared decision is uncommon, since one partner wants to end the marriage, but the other isn't sure about it. women initiate two thirds of all divorces.
  • Explains that divorce rates in the united states are high because women are less dependent on their husbands or partners. women are entering careers that were exclusively for men before.
  • Explains that certain personal and social situations may influence a marriage to end. people who have been divorced before or whose families have experienced divorce are willing to accept it easily.
  • Explains that having children is a big responsibility and getting married is even more difficult. maintaining stability is one of the main goals of marriage.
  • Explains that religion and race are important, since religions have different points of view on different topics. religious people tend to marriage more serious and conservative.
  • Explains that divorced couples often make poor decisions and have poor communication skills. some couples prefer communication avoidance technique, which consists in not talking about problems in the relationship.
  • Explains that same-sex marriage is not easy to talk about because of the stigma that some people still have about it.
  • Concludes that the ideas and arguments presented about divorce and factors that could influence it, are based on trusted sources, but we cannot assume that these factors are the only or real causes of divorces.

They usually have poor communication skills also. In general, couples who divorce have been going through hard times for a long time and have known for a long time the difficulties in their marriage, but because of the lack of communication the problems get worse. Some couples even prefer to use the communication avoidance technique, which consists in not talking about problems in the relationship. Basically, they think that by not mentioning any of the problems they might have, the problems are going to disappear. Just as easy as that. Some partners make poor assessments of their partners, they assume that the character traits or annoyances of their spouses will disappear or change with the

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