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If man and the woman both had the same communication ways they would be more successful in marriage. Many of the communication issues are brought up in the article “Sex, Lies, and Conversation by Deborah Tannen.” Tannen states that men and women argue with one another over communication which leads to marital problems and divorce. Men and women have different viewpoints on communication. Women see bad communication as the one of the major reasons for divorce. Also the way men and women communicate are very different. Men are very different than women they do not like to communicate as much like women. Men don’t talk about their problems and women love to talk about them. Communication is seen as one major cause leading to a relationship failure. When couples get married the women is always looking for a good comuincator.
In a marriage women are the ones that look for a good male counterpart to communicate with, and if the husband is not into communication it can lead to divorce. This was proven in research stated in the article by Deborah Tannen “Most women want their husbands to be first and foremost conversational partners” (101). For example in Catherine Kohler’s research it is stated that “Few of the men gave lack as communication as the reason for their divorces” (102). This proves that men don’t find the need to be a good communicator. Women always get mad at the men for not being that good of conversationalist but, are the men really to blame. If men find communication as important as women they would communicate better. Many men believe that women lowered their expectations for the men they wouldn’t be as disappointed. Women need to accept the fact that men aren’t very good communicators. In the article lack of com...

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...refer to keep them on the inside so they will not be judged. On the other hand, women do not have much of a problem going and sharing their problems, because they are searching for help. This makes men and women very different in that aspect. Some believe men would rather not talk at all rather than talk to others about their problems. Also in many cases men would rather listen to the women talk about her problems then talk about his problems. That says a lot because men do not like to listen almost as much talking about their own problems.
Overall a major reason for divorce is the fact that men and women have very different conversational expectations. If men and women could put their conversational differences aside there would be less failed marriages. Until men and women figure out how to put aside the differences marriages will continue to fail in the future.

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