Social apathy is a problem in today’s world

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Humans are social animals, we are not keeping company of each other, we are not only die because of lacking food and water, but also go insane of being alone. This idea come from the Greek philosopher Aristotle's "Man is by nature a social animal". However, gazing the society nowadays, it sounds like we have become more apathetic while compare to few decades ago. Therefore, apathy has undoubtedly become an issue and concern in today’s society. Apathy seems getting into individuals, community and society bit by bit without notice it.
Apathy between the individuals has been proven in our daily lives. While people living in the rural area, people usually interact with each other; in cities, people tend to “intentionally ignore” the sight of others. When we are in the MTR trains, we are disconnected. We are not only to refuse talking with the strangers, but also refuse to give a smile. Though we are only a few centimetres apart, it sounds like our minds are miles away. Also, there was a piece of news report in Taiwan that shocked the society. As stated in the Taipei Times (2011), a docto...

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