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As a human in this world, we cannot deny that we cannot live without others people’s help. Even if we have lot of capabilities, we still need other peers to live each other despite there are some positives or negatives that come to us. In order to make sure that continue as clearly as possible, we have to know there are some guidelines and rules which human should to know and act based on that particular laws. These guidelines explain to us as an action that we should adopt it to live with everyone in our daily lives.


The purpose of this paper in this paper is to evaluate the roles that I use in living with other people and how I behave around them in teams. In addition, another purpose is also to define my personal preferences and how I see personally as a person.


The tools that I used in this assessment is the R. Craig Hogan and David W. Champagne for assessing the personal style inventory, Honey and Mumford’s learning style questionnaire for assessing the learning style I preferred, and finally R. M. Belbin’s team roles questionnaire for assessing the roles that I usually adopt in my social and everyday life.


The result for the test is ESTJ for personal style inventory test with 29 points in E, 27 points in S, 26 points in T, and lastly, 21 points in J. In terms of learning style questionnaire, the result is very strong which 10 points in the reflector style. Regarding for the team roles, the result is very strong as a supporter.

Agreements and Discussions

As I stated above, my personal style inventory test resulted in the ESTJ preference. Referred to R. Craig Hogan and David W. Champagne (1980), The ESTJ’s people are practical and realistic. In addition, they do what they do refer o...

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...hat I could not control it. I like more when there is a leader who lead me and gives some advices. Therefore, I can improve my self in the group and make the teams more efficient.


As I am working on this assignment, now I am more aware of the roles and the preferences that I usually adopt and apply to my daily life. Moreover, After I am learning the preference, now, I know my strengths and weaknesses that I am not really recognize before. As I am learning the learning style, now I know that it conforms me better and I am ready to employ the knowledge that I already achieve. Ultimately, by learning the team roles, I know the potential ability as a supporter in a group. This time, I am more sensible to use the knowledge and understanding the characteristics of people and myself to live better. In addition, I am more understand better of the social lives.
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