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  • Apathy and the Living Dead

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    Apathy and the Living Dead It’s nothing to die; it’s frightful not to live. - Victor Hugo The word “Apathy” has its origin in Greek and literally means "without feelings." Isn’t that a description of the dead? That was what Victor Hugo was referring to when he wrote, "It’s nothing to die; it’s frightful not to live." In other words, we should not be afraid of dying, but not living. The apathetic are alive, but without feelings, so they are not living. They are the living dead. Here’s what

  • Social apathy is a problem in today’s world

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    Aristotle's "Man is by nature a social animal". However, gazing the society nowadays, it sounds like we have become more apathetic while compare to few decades ago. Therefore, apathy has undoubtedly become an issue and concern in today’s society. Apathy seems getting into individuals, community and society bit by bit without notice it. Apathy between the individuals has been proven in our daily lives. While people living in the rural area, people usually interact with each other; in cities, people tend to

  • Social apathy is a problem in today’s world.

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    for general public is concern. There is a recent case in China, Yue-yue, a two-years old girl was run over twice, ignored by eighteen passers-by in seven minutes without any aid and finally passed out. This paper agrees with the belief that social apathy is an issue in today’s world. There are two main reasons for this: first, the scare emotion of the negative outcome after assist others, and second, bystander effect. The first reason for the issue of public indifference in recent world is the negative

  • How is technology affecting the younger generations' perceptions of morality and the world?

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    How is technology affecting the younger generations' perceptions of morality and the world? The advent of the internet signaled a revolutionary shift for society, in which participation in massive amounts of information was easily and rapidly accessible to any connected country. This digital revolution gave rise to monolithic digital communities that dominate the web and strongly influence the globe; Twitter helped Belarusian youth organize flash-protests against their authoritarian government

  • Exemplification Essay: The Need to Improve the Apathetic Attitude of Young People

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    Are young people in today's society enamored with themselves? Do they care about others? Are they unfeeling; show little or no interest or emotion; unresponsive, indifferent; passionless or void of feeling? What is the cause or reason for apathy in young folks today that wasn't there a hundred years ago? Quite possibly it is a lack of mental stimulation. As responsible citizens of the United States, we should decide to not put up with indifference but encourage young people to get involved in their

  • Celebrity Politics And Politics Of Celebrities In The Philippines

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    Compared to the makibaka generation of the 70’s, ours is relatively apathetic to political matters. This is somehow attributable to the modern set-up of Philippine news broadcasting and advertising. Do you know what PDAF is? How about a storm surge? Before the Yellow Revolution in 1986, a distinct line was established to separate the primetime news from show business news. To keep yourself informed in both, you have to watch the professional reporter Harry Gasser in NewsWatch and the entertaining

  • Apathy

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    struck by the car. Although every single one of you had plenty of time to rescue him, you just watched, hoping that someone else would do it. After all, you don't know him so it's really none of your business. This is what is referred to as "bystander apathy". People close enough to see, hear and possibly touch one another are socially distant and totally indifferent to the fact that another human being may be dying, in immediate danger, or asking for help. This extremely sad urban problem is just that-

  • Apathy

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    Her eyes are open and blinking at random intervals. She’s staring at nothing and everything. She sees them discussing what to do this afternoon. She sees one proclaiming how wonderful his girlfriend of one day is. She sees another yelling in order to be heard clearer, in an argument about...something. She’s not sure. Everything is clear, yet cloudy, fuzzy around the edges. She seems them reacting, but their reactions don’t stick in her mind. They roll out of her memory like water on an umbrella.

  • The Causes Of Apathy Essay: What Is Apathy?

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    What is apathy anyway? Apathy is the lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern for what is going on around us. We all experience apathy occasionally when we feel unmotivated in our daily responsibilities. However, this is normal from time to time. Constantly expressing apathy by behaving without feeling is not normal. As a result of people wanting to fit in with others so others will like them, being wasteful, and wanting others to suffer from being hurt, they have caused a growing immense problem

  • Apathy in Ithaca

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    Apathy in Ithaca In Ithaca, the depth of Joyce's irony is displayed.  The denouement of this odyssey is perfect for this story, while at the same time leaving us with the exact opposite of the resolution in the tale the book proclaims to emulate.  Odysseus' public apotheosis parallels Bloom's private shame.  The concise question and answer format which Ithaca adopts, found no where else in the book, is refereed to by many critics as reminiscent of a catechism.  The description is well