Social Work Challenges

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Social work can be very rewarding in a number of ways, but challenges do exist before the reward. One challenge I may encounter if I was to become a social worker is becoming attached to the victim. I think I would feel emotionally connected and want to save them. Before taking the class, I had the mentality that it would be easy to help people and guide them to a better life, but this class has made me realize that it is not always that easy. When speaking to victims, I could see myself feeling sorry for them and wanted to give them everything to make themselves feel better. I feel like I would allow my personal life to interfere with my work life, where I would constantly be thinking about the clients and their health instead of focusing…show more content…
It would be frustrating to have clients that do not agree with the provided advice and think they can get better on their own. Some of the victims may be in denial, mentally unstable, or psychologically damaged, which could alter their way of thinking clearly. With the help of a social worker, these victims can learn how to recover and rethink the violence they were exposed to. A social worker can help guide their clients in the right direction by helping them understand what they are exposed to and how they could prevent the situation from happening again. It would be challenging to see people get hurt over and over again and not take the advice given to them. I would always want the best for my clients and to see them not use my knowledge and help would be upsetting. To try to overcome the challenge of clients not responding to the guidance provided, I could refer them to another intervention or a different social worker. This could provide hope that if other people guide the client in the same ways, they may start to realize that they should take it seriously. Social workers have a lot of experience and if multiple professionals tell a client the exact same things, they are bound to realize the troubles or violence that could be repeated and the necessary treatments that should be done. Therefore, referring a client to another social worker…show more content…
Most of the time, you can help and see people succeed and overcome their traumas. It is important to find the good in the job and not always the bad situations. My views and beliefs about violence against women has changed drastically over the past few months. I thought about violence as only physical before this class, but I now understand that there are many different forms of violence and severities of it, as well. Learning about social workers and their required tasks, has made me realize how hard it would be to listen to peoples’ traumatic experiences and not feel completely overwhelmed. However, in the end, the work would be worth the anguish because of the complete satisfaction of helping to save peoples’ lives. Despite all of the violence and hatred that goes on, there are people, like social workers, who are there to make the difference the world
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