Importance Of Professionalism In Social Work

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Professionalism/Professional & Personal Boundaries Definition of a Professional Professionalism is a crucial part of social work, considering the demanding advancements in the needs of social welfare in today’s society. A professional, to me, is defined as a person exemplifying a practiced behavior that is considered to be, polite, skillful and knowledgeable in either a personal or professional setting. These practiced behaviors of professionalism should be without discrediting or disfavoring oneself, instead the practiced behaviors should show an elevated level of developed competence in a particular area or circumstance. Developing and maintaining these competencies as a social worker establishes him or her as a professional. A professional…show more content…
Advocating for vulnerable persons creates emotions and feelings that could lead to inappropriateness amongst clients. As social workers, we walk a very thin line sometimes in the aspects of helping a client. This makes it easy to stray away from policy and procedure and go with our own personal feelings. The consequences which can result from not establishing appropriate boundaries can be detrimental to my career as a social worker and to a client. Concerns I have with establishing appropriate boundaries are working those cases that are near and dear to my heart. I have five children and could not imagine them being mistreated. I do not want my mind clouded with decisions I would make as a mom first, but rather what would I do as a social worker doing what is best for my client at the present moment. This is why I chose to complete my 450-hour internship at DHS, it gives me a chance to observe these types of real life situation and take pointers on how to remain professional and make professional decisions. As I stated above professionalism is an important aspect to dealing with social welfare in today’s society. Staying in touch with my professional behaviors, values, biases and managing a healthy balance between my professional and personal life will aid me in becoming a competent and efficient social
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