Social Workers the Warriors of Change

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Most people in the world today have no idea what social workers are assigned to do, not many will ever understand the totality of the scope of the practice of social work. To take a deeper look at this field of people the veil unfolds on a group of true warriors for all of mankind. These people in sheer title are workers, and as workers they are given the task of ensuring that the job gets done. Their job may not be one that is saturated in enormous wealth, but when you can b ring about change in a direction of a nation, or move an entire community toward developing a better standard of living for themselves or the next generation to money is the least of your worries. In the twenty-first century the role of the social worker will be one of a warrior for all in creating better systems of equality, breaking down public policy, and facilitating social change in all aspects of society.

The social work profession is nothing new in the world because people now called social workers, or workers for change have always been working behind the scenes and in front to make a better way for those who find themselves disenfranchised by the policies, and practices of the status quo. Social work has never really maintained the status quo. If it had done so, it would [not] exist as a profession today. It continues to exist and will continue to do so because of its responsiveness to the needs of individuals and society (Gambrill, 384). There are so many ills crippling so many aspects of society that the social finds no need for a cause to appear they are always on the scene. If it is from the farms in the Midwest to the valleys in India there is always a forum upon which the social worker will find an opportunity to bring into existence the cha...

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...ker deals with an individual they know that the group is much the same, and the call for change is always upon them. If the status quo were to continue growth would have no place and hope would erode like water in the dessert sun. We all should give the social worker a salute, a handshake, a hug, and a great huge thank you for being the warrior of change that this entire world has benefited from.

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