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a. Discuss your desire to pursue a degree in Social work. Include any volunteer, work, or life experience you believe will enhance your ability to work in the social work profession. Throughout my professional career, I have had the honor of working with a variety of people. My vocational experiences have been with the young, aged, disabled, incarcerated, and the vulnerable. The combination of my professional and my personal life experiences have provided me with rich life lessons which have enhanced me with a solid generalist foundation in social work practices. Having worked in incarcerations, I have had the opportunity to understand firsthand what social workers do to assist families. During a child visitation at the jail, I met a Social…show more content…
My ambition has progressed over years of caring for others. The core values of social work have also inspired me to become a social worker. I have the desire, including the passion. I want to work and advocate for others in overcoming socioeconomic barriers. Volunteering for Rape Crisis Intervention for a little over eleven months, I have worked with a team helping survivors of violent sexual acts go through the healing process. Our agency completes assessment reports and makes referrals to other agencies. The organization does on-site counseling; we escort survivors to court, hospitals, on top of lending a hand to arresting agencies to help with police reports as well as, manage a crisis line. As an advocate, I work with all ages and gender identities. At this agency, I have seen the resilience in survivors as they struggle to overcome…show more content…
One of the prominent moments, I recall, being unfamiliar with the booking process, I had read the probable cause for detention; the intake had molested his young son. The booking occurred in the outdated section of the jail where the Correctional Technician sat directly in front of the accused in a booking cage. I became overwhelmed; I fled the booking area nauseated, the Officer in Charge (OIC) counseled me that the court determines whose guilty. The essence of our conversation boiled down to me being more focused and professional at my job and not letting my emotions be the frontrunner to professionalism. I understood my role in this position. I overcame my emotional struggle processing this population and over the course of time, I forced myself not to prejudge intakes based on police reports and the crimes they were accused of. I left this agency because it was negative and emotionally challenging in the hopes of standing up for human rights and social justice. As a social worker, I have tried to understand the motivation for sexual predators. The one preoccupation that has always stood out for me is that sexual offenders were once

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