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The Profession of a Social Worker from Past to Present to Future Perhaps one of the most versatile and diverse careers is social work, as this career works with individuals struggling with substance abuse, low-income families, and homeless individuals. Social work is a profession that is concerned with solving personal, group, and community relationships (Farley, Smith, & Boyle, 2011). Among some of the most important aspects of social work are the restoration of impaired social functioning, the provision of social services, and prevention (Farley et al., 2011). Reducing problems in human relationships and improving human interactions among individuals are the major focuses of this profession, regardless of which people group the social workers are serving (Farley et al., 2011). Even though it is a relatively new profession, social work has existed in various forms throughout history. However, the beginning of social work’s development as a profession was primarily European in origin, with the ideals spreading to the United States…show more content…
Helping the poor and needy in the forms of providing free eating houses, distributing second-hand clothing, giving alms to the poor, and establishing asylums for wounded soldiers and abandoned children were some of the primary concerns of these civilizations (Farley et al., 2011). In 1536, England established laws for the collection of alms on Sundays (Farley et al., 2011). With the establishment of the Elizabethan Poor Laws, welfare became the federal government’s responsibility (Farley et al., 2011). This law contributed to the development of social welfare and assisted both those who were able and incapable of working. However, those capable of working were to be provided with work, and if they refused to work, they were imprisoned; orphaned and dependent children were to be apprenticed until they could care for themselves (Farley et al.,
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