Social Work: A Career As A Social Worker

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A social worker, or case worker is someone who has a sort of passion or drive for helping people. Not just anyone can take on this career, the job demands a special type of person with certain qualities fit for situations that will be thrown at hand. Social workers work with a broad spectrum of individuals, whether it’s the elderly, children, the homeless, drug/alcohol abusers, or people with learning and physical disabilities. Case workers aid and support them through difficult times and ensure that these vulnerable people are safeguarded from harm. I believe I have what it takes to be a social worker. I am ready to dedicate my career to improve the quality of life of an individual, group or community. There have been many experiences in…show more content…
But I always reminded myself that someone else, whether they were in my class or another part of the world, was having a more difficult time than I was. The things I’ve seen, experienced and lived through have made me the strong and ambitious person I am today. Looking back on my childhood, I now realize that I shouldn’t have had to go through what I did and the girl with the fizzy hair didn’t deserve the life she was given either. I want to be a social worker to prevent another child from having to experience physical and verbal abuse and to prevent another child from living in poverty. I want to protect individuals who have been unfairly dealt a life of despair and I want to remove people from unhealthy situations that are out of their control. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness and sometimes life can put a strain on that. I want someone who has been battling with life’s curve balls to have a decent environment to live in so that they can be successful and do the great things they were meant for. I know I can empathize with these struggling individuals because I myself have been in similar situations. I know that a career in social work is the perfect fit of

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