Social Media Usage to Screen Potential Employees

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In 2007, seven employees of the Farm Boy grocery store chain were fired when found partaking in derogatory discussion concerning the Canadian based company and its customers. The discussions were held on the immensely popular social networking website, Facebook, within a group titled “I got Farm Boy’d.” Not only did the group page contain the slanderous comments, but it also featured a picture of the Farm Boy logo surrounded by a red circle with a slash through the center (“Ottawa Citizen”). It’s unfortunate that this company was so poorly represented by these employees. However, studies suggest this type of behavior can be predicted and thusly avoided via pre-screening of potential employees’ social media profiles. It is better for both the image of a company and the well-being of a company’s patrons to employ people who will surely act outwardly in a professional and appropriate manner. Therefore, in order to recruit the very best employees and coworkers, employers should review the social media profiles of job candidates. Doing so will shed light on any terrible “red flags,” give...
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