Social Media In The Workplace Essay

Employers have to be aware of the many types of social media platforms and their uses. The main types of social media platform functions are listed in the table above and have few examples to give an idea of the many different ways social media is used. When searching out employees and potential employees social media sites, employers must be aware that there is a vast amount of sites that are available to people to use to express themselves. The majority of social media sites today connect to one another, once an employer finds one the employees’ social media profiles, it is often easy to connect to the myriad other accounts and profiles. While the United States has not opened up much of their legal regulations to the issues of social media, other countries have already begun to put regulations…show more content…
As a globally connected and highly interconnected world emerges through social media, employers can find many benefits to using social media in the workplace. Denying social media altogether in the workplace could be counterproductive. By creating a space for social media in the workplace, employers need to also create guides and sets of instructions for employees to follow in able to effectively and safely use social media within the professional world and work environment. Employers should first inform themselves on social media and learn the major avenues that are used by the bulk of social media users. A good direction for employers after becoming informed is to set up policies and guidelines to be given to their employees to read, understand, and sign off. The guidelines and policies should have repercussions and penalties for the broken policies, which should stress the dangers and failings of using social media in connection to the
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