Internet in Modern Organizations

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Without a doubt the Internet has revolutionized modern life. Countless inventions, spanning many different decades and countries have contributed to this advanced technology that millions of people use every day. The internet has become a multifaceted addition to an organization’s business communications repertoire. Capable of extending all over the world, the internet is able to transmit broadcasts, distribute information, and provide a platform for instant communication, regardless of one’s physical location. This paper explores not only the internet functions that many modern organizations employ, but also the effects, both positive and negative that may result.
Internal and External Applications
Many organizations utilize internet based programs such as the email and instant messaging platforms to facilitate communication between their employees (intranets). Setting up an intranet gives organizations the capability of instant communication between employees without one having to search out the colleague they are trying to address. Intranets belong to the organization and are only accessible by those with authorization, such as employees. Employees are then able to collaborate, plan and execute strategies without ever having to be in the same room together. This ensures that fellow workers are now able to communicate timely and effectively as several of these mediums result in near instant communication.
External communication utilizes much of the same internet applications that internal communications do. Although, similar to internal communication, they are not exactly the same. An intranet is not used when communicating with people externally. Almost every other internet application can be used both internally and external...

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