Social Media Is A Virtual Community

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The world today revolves around social media. Almost everyone has some kind of social media outlet that allows them to communicate with the outside world. Social media is so prevalent now that even businesses have turned to social outlets to attract customers. Observations made in this project were made through the use of social media. The observation made in this project is to show how social media is a virtual community and it allows people to express themselves however they want, social standing in the community, and how people are always connected through social media. Many outlets for social media exists today. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat just to name a few. The two that are studied in this project are Instagram…show more content…
People use this to connect with others they know and to keep updated on the most recent events in their community. The social media accounts are treated like a social hub to stay connected. The reason social media can be seen as a virtual community is because the constant communication between people everyday. Instagram and Snapchat are programmed to suggest people to befriend based on your own friends. This creates a network of users and the cycle goes on creating greater social media networks. Social media has become so popular that the companies who create these apps are making them to become even more direct and interactive. The companies have created direct messaging and group messages within the app. These are ways in which people can always stay connected through their social media account. Social media is used in many ways today. Through this project, social media is defined as a virtual community for users to express themselves the way they want others to see and allows users to always stay connected to friends. Social media was also observed as a form of social status through popularity of pictures and posts. In this project, these were key observations made about social media’s use in todays
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