Social Media Consumerism Essay

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Social Media Advertising: Consumerism
Hook: From “Cyber Monday,” to coupon codes, and free shipping, online shopping has gone from an alternative solution to a primary source of consumerism. Have any of us ever thought about why social media has introduced those annoying advertisements literally every site now days. Without consumerism, capitalism would not flourish the way it does in society. It’s commonplace for the average person to spend a few hours a week (or more!) online. Whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Youtube, sites makes it easier to become consumers, there’s always a plethora of enticing advertisements. In fact, Twitter’s new poll system helped me paint an accurate picture of the epidemic of online shopping. With only 24 hours allowed for this poll, we got a conclusion that I was expecting, the final vote depicted that 56% of 1,165 people said they were addicted to online shopping (@Ramos4LA). Considering that, it’s clear to make the connection between pesky ads on social
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For example, shipping giant UPS did it’s own analyses called “UPS Online Shopping Study: Empowered Consumers Changing the Future of Retail” by Kate Dreyer where she stated, “Many consumers connect to shopping activities through social media with 43% reporting they discover new products on social media sites. Facebook is the most influential channel . . .” (Dreyer). These statistics have showed the influence of advertisement on social media platforms. Consumers having the power to have things sent straight to their homes is a game change to consumerism. Twitter’s new polling feature helped me put hat in perspective, out of 801 voters 61 percent answered that occasionally shop 1-3 times a month and 39 percent answered they shop a lot 4 plus times a month (@Ramos4LA). It is common nowadays to spend time at home and doing research on products we want to
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