Disadvantages Of Social Media Advertising

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Social Media Advertising
Advertisement strategies have evolved substantially in the past decade. Social media advertising has taken the marketing world by storm. A large percentage of consumers now have access to some form of social media account and businesses have begun to use this to their advantage. Social media has made the internet a virtual hotspot to advertise products, services, businesses, restaurants, etc. Although advertising through social media is relatively new to the marketing world, it has provided a tremendous amount of success for companies. With that success there are some risks and possibilities for failure. There are many advantages and disadvantages to using social media as an advertising platform. This form of advertising can help to boost awareness of company brands and increase revenue if it is used correctly. Social media networks also provide tools that can be used to determine the successfulness of an advertisement. If used incorrectly a company’s reputation could be at stake and they could potentially lose a lot of loyal customers.
Advantages of Social Media Advertising
Companies have found that there are several benefits of using social media networks to advertise what they are selling. Like all advertisement strategies, the main advantage of social media advertising is a potential increase in revenue. Another big advantage of using this advertising platform is that companies are now able to reach a significant amount of consumers without using too much effort. An example of this would be a company posting a tweet about a product on Twitter. Not only is this tweet being seen directly by all of the company’s followers, the advertisement can be re-tweeted a countless number of ...

... middle of paper ... Later in the paper there will be a more in-depth review at how important effective communication is. Companies will also need to keep their social media accounts up-to-date. Customers will lose interest with a brand if they never post anything new on their accounts. A company’s social media page should also “have a clear voice and direction” (Sutton, 2). Customers need to be able to navigate through a business’s social media page easily and be able to get information that they need. Businesses also need to abstain from throwing too much information on a customer all at once. Advertisements on social media should be incremental and be well thought out. Creativity is also an important factor that determines the success of a social media advertisement. Businesses can intertwine promotional activities in there advertisements to keep a customer’s attention.
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