The Changing Role of the Us News Media

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The Changing Role of the U.S. News Media
The internet is our modern source for news media; the importance of the newspaper has not only declined, it is in a sense, obsolete. We now turn to the internet for opinions, news, and entertainment. Even though the way in which we consume information (PBS) has changed, the importance of an unrestricted and watchful media has not changed. (Magleby, Light, & Nemacheck, 2010)
The Framers of our constitution were well aware of the importance of the press as a judge to discuss the implications and review the actions of politicians and the government. Although the Bill of Rights guaranteed the freedom of the press, in the beginning adequate funding was only provided by wealthy politicians. The press was financed through goals of politicians, in order to get their word out to the voting masses (white men who owned property); around the same time Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson looked to keep voters informed through a means of publishing and circulating pamphlets. Hamilton recruited John Fenno and Jefferson employed Phillip Freneau to edit and publish these newspapers, and as a result, began the partisan divided competition between news sources. These funding-by-politicians also limited journalistic independence.
Financial Independence was obtained when the right to vote was extended to all white men. With independence from political party influence, the news changed; Rather than targeting the few elite, the press sought to appeal to the mass of people. Literacy rates began to rise, as did the rates of political participation; another game changer included the way newspapers were financed. The “Penny Press” method allowed for the spread of information to be wider than ever. This method al...

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...ver over powers the minorities.
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