Social Media And Its Effects On Society

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There are a lot of concerns regarding privacy in an every expanding technological age. It is true that we have been making progress towards proper regulations from the use of social media information in the process of hiring employees and the copyright laws surrounding art theft in digital galleries. However, there is still much debate over how much privacy people are entitled to on the internet and a great amount of difficulty in controlling any infringement on these rights. The internet is very different place than the outside world, so it is necessary that we start approaching it differently. For one thing, social media sites are so widely popular now that the cliff notes of someone’s personal life are literally just a few clicks away. This can have great consequences in the real world because social media profiles provide the same information to everyone regardless of how much control they may have over your circumstances. Employers can see the same information as your best friend. All they need to know is your name. And although sites like Tumblr and Facebook have privacy settings that allow you to choose who can see what. It is difficult to trust a button in theoretical digital space to keep my private information away from people I would prefer to stay in comfortable ignorance. In real life, you can cater your persona to suit your comfort level with a person. Your Facebook page, on the other hand, is a lot like wearing a name tag that has everything you’ve ever said written on it. So if you told your friend that you hated your job, your boss could read the words right off your shirt the next time you saw him. It is just too easy for the wrong information to get into the wrong hands, but it also seems incredibly unfair to e... ... middle of paper ... ... the internet, but maybe that’s the whole reason we have this problem in the first place. I think the real problem with privacy on the internet is that people keep trying to figure out if online social interaction is like talking in a living room or yelling in a coffee shop, but my answer is that it is neither. The internet is a completely separate space from the physically world and the way we interact with others is a whole new form of socialization. It is an amazing phenomenon that we created a place in which society could start over from scratch. It has developed its own set of social norms, values, and culture out of what was essentially anarchy. I think we need to start approaching the issue of privacy on the internet differently. We need to look at the internet not as an extension of our current society, but as a completely separate society in and of itself.
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