Smartphone Technology: The Evolution Of Mobile Phone Technology

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Smartphones are mobile handsets that have enhanced functionalities that enable the user to carry out a wide range of activities using the phone. The evolution of the phone technology started in mid-2000’s, with the Blackberry Corporation as the pioneer in making phones that would be used for extra purposes like reading emails and accessing company networks. Blackberry has since exited the scene, and the world of mobile phone computing is ruled by Apple Inc and Samsung Corporation (Martin). There are tens of companies in the smartphone making industry that target different consumers across the world. The number of smartphones in the world crossed the one billion mark in 2014, showing a very strong rate of penetration and usage. The most notable…show more content…
Some of the major messaging applications include Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, and Line. These applications have made communication very cheap and fast because they use the internet and there are no geographical limitations. Some of the applications, like WeChat, offer additional services like shopping functions and wallet services. Some applications in the smartphone stores are not popular, but that does not mean that they are not important. For instance, for book lovers, applications like Kindle offer them a chance to have the ‘old-school’ book experience in a digital setting. As discussed above, the smartphone is a term that refers to mobile handsets or phones that perform extended actions apart from calling and texting. The impact of smartphones cannot be underestimated, especially in the last two years. Many people own phones in many countries across the world due to the manufacturing of cheaper phones for the low incoming earning populations in developing countries. Even in places like Africa, smartphones are being used in agriculture by having applications that guide farmers on the best approaches to farm management and marketing of their…show more content…
One can access notes on his/her smartphone, meaning that they do not have to walk around with books on their personal computers. It keeps the students connected to the classroom content by ensuring that updates on notes can be accessed from the smartphone. For online students, smartphones make it easy for students to access classroom discussions (VÁZQUEZ-CANO). That has given rise to the demand for online education services that help people from low-income families to learn and get degrees at very low costs. It also enables them to balance day-time jobs with
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