History and Future of Mobile Devices

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The purpose of this essay is to analyse the development of a technology and predict what this technology will be like in the future, and I have chosen to evaluate mobile devices. The development of mobile devices have already had a major development in the last decade and can only progress more in the next decade. In today's society it is hard to find someone that doesn't own a mobile device. The first mobile device to emerge was the mobile phone which allowed people to communicate through a wireless device which weighed just under 800 grams and cost a little less then $4,000 and today a mobile phone can weigh as little as 70 grams and cost as little as $30 from a local supermarket. Mobile devices can be used for many things like entertainment, production, communicating, socialising and education and with internet being so accessible, it is so effortless to find any answer to any question which makes today's learning easier then what it was 20 years ago and with developing countries struggling to get adequate education, mobile devices have the potential to improve a countries education. I believe that with time, the evolution of mobile devices, our lives will become flooded with even more mobile technologies. The development of mobile devices began with the first mobile device ever created, which was the Motorola DynaTAC. The DynaTAC weighed 794 grams, cost $3,995 and had 30 minutes of talk-time. It was first released in 1984. The mobile phone was able to store 30 phone numbers that were able to be called from its led display. though this was the first mobile phone most cellular phones before then were installed in cars as they weren’t created small enough and from the DynaTAC started an evolution of new devices called the mobile... ... middle of paper ... ... And with tablets becoming very portable, they are now also another popular type of mobile device. With tablets and mobile phones gaining more utilization from applications, things like books, portable dvd players, mp3 players and kindles are becoming redundant as the purpose of these things can stored into an app which can be simple downloaded from the application store. With the development of mobile devices growing exponentially, mobile devices will develop the world. They are becoming smaller, more accessible and obtaining more functionality. Mobile devices are a becoming a big part of people's lives allowing them to used for entertainment, production, communicating and socialising and also education. Being able to carry your computer in your pocket is how people describe mobile phones and this is true as the capabilities of mobile devices are becoming endless.
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