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The Vietnam War started in 1956 when the United States was attempting to stop North Vietnam from spreading communist to South Vietnam. During this time, most men volunteer and some were even drafted. The United States supported South Vietnam in hopes to drive out the communist by fighting them off. The war on American troops was difficult because American troops soon fought communist in the south, called the Viet Cong; yet also fighting against the North Vietnamese (Spector). As the war progressed, many American troops had suffered from injuries fighting hard against the North Vietnam and Viet Cong. Over the years of the war there have been many battles that have been fought; one in particular is the Battle of la Drang. On November 14, 1965 American troops decided to land in la Drang Valley using a new tactic of air mobility as their first evasion against the North Vietnamese (Galloway YouTube). The Battle of la Drang lasted four days and three nights with many casualties; roughly 240 American soldiers were killed and had over 300 wounded and about 1800 North Vietnamese soldiers were killed in the mist of the intense battle (Steinman 30). This battle was one of the first major battles between the United States and North Vietnam. The setting is a Landing Zone (LZ), code name, X-Ray, which is in the central highlands just north of South Vietnam in 1965. Private First Class (PFC) Her from the farm lands of Minnesota was drafted into the war and is attached to the 1st Battalion, 7th Air Cavalry, Airmobile, 1st Cavalry Division, in Charlie Company. His Platoon Sergeant is Sargent First Class (SFC) Schuette, followed by his squad leader, Staff Sergeant (SSG) Olson. PFC Her journals of his experiences of war, the things he sees ...

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...a huge deal and became a major tactic. It was able to make differences in battles. With today’s technology, bombing has become more accurate, jets are able support ground troops better and helicopters have improved. These improvements help with less friendly fires, with better support in battles and deadly when used against the enemy. Lastly, the equipment that are used today are different from then. A major improvement is the army helmet. The Advance Combat Helmet was made so that it may be able to stay on then rather fall off. Another improvement would be the vest the military has developed today. It has become better at stopping rounds and causing less wounds to the body but protecting the major organs. Today’s medical equipment, weapons and warfare are much better than the 1960s. But it was only doable because of the lessons that were taught during those times.
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