Sixteen Most Significant Events in U.S. History between 1789 to 1975

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Sixteen Most Significant Events in U.S. History between 1789 to 1975

After a review of United States' history from 1789 to 1975, I have

identified what I believe are the sixteen most significant events of that

time period. The attached sheet identifies the events and places them in

brackets by time period. The following discussion provides my reasoning

for selecting each of the events and my opinion as to their relative

importance in contrast to each other. Finally, I have concluded that of

the sixteen events, the Civil War had the most significant impact on the

history of the time period in which it occurred and remains the most

significant event in American history.

The discussion begins with bracket I covering the period from 1789-1850,

and pairs the number one seed in the bracket "Mexican-American War" against

the fourth seed "Louisiana Purchase". The second seed in the bracket

"Marbury v Madison" is paired against the third seed "Monroe Doctrine".

The purchase of Louisiana from France in 1803 was the most popular and

momentous event of the Jefferson presidency. It had several significant

economic and political implications on this period in history. From an

economic perspective it doubled the size of the United States at a price of

only fifteen million dollars. It allowed settlement beyond the Mississippi

River in a territory that was rich in minerals and natural resources. It

eliminated the United States' long struggle for control of the Mississippi

River and its outlet to the sea, and as Jefferson stated, it freed America

from European influence at its borders. In addition to these economic

implications, the purchase also had historic political implications. The


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...r Communist sympathizers. The civil

rights of many of these people were often violated. The social

implications of the Civil War, however, are the most important in the

history of the United States. The war provided the foundation for the

Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments, which guaranteed civil

rights to all Americans. While blacks would continue to be discriminated

against, the end of slavery and passage of the amendments was the first

recognition of equality for all Americans.

In conclusion, each of the sixteen events discussed has had a

significant impact on American history. Each event has played a role in

shaping the political, economic, and social structure of the United States.

Not only were these events significant to the time period in which they

occured, but they also had a lasting effect on the future of the country.

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