American history from 1815 to 1840

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Throughout American history, politics changed with the times, forming and growing as new situations and environments took place. However, the most drastic differences occurred between 1815 and 1840. During this time, the North and South develop different economic systems, which created political differences between the regions. Between 1815 and 1840, the number of eligible voters drastically increased as politicians utilized a wider variety of campaigning methods in order to appeal to as many voters as possible, all essentially caused by economic growth. Politics grow to include universal white male suffrage, a strong national government, and nationalism versus sectionalism. Economic Growth (American System, Industrial Revolution, Sectional Economies, Internal Improvements & Inventions) caused the political party changes. In order to understand and analyze the forces that shaped politics during this time period, political changes must first be examined. One of the biggest changes during this time period was the change in the number of voters. Between 1812 and 1840, the percentage of eligible voters in the United States presidential elections almost tripled, increasing from 26.9 to 80.2 percent while the percentage of states allowing voters to choose presidential electors more than doubled, rising from 44.4 to 95.8 percent, shown in Document A. By 1840, Rhode Island was the only state that didn’t allow all free men to vote. The second biggest change in politics was the way candidates campaigned. Document D shows a democratic party ballot in 1828, which demonstrates the way state candidates from the governor to the coroner associated themselves with Andrew Jackson, and incredibly popular candidate, in the hope of winning their ... ... middle of paper ... ...He insists that the laboring classes of New York City have been betrayed by self-seeking politicians. Evans tells his fellow workers that they are equally entitled to a just and satisfying life and to use all lawful means to attain it. 
Many other issues disturbed workers: lack of (or charges for) children’s education, poll taxes, and the wealthy’s escape from militia service. Labor parties faded quickly, and after that workers usually joined the Jacksonian Democrats. The years between 1815 and 1840 had many changes. Politics become more democracized with more voters, campaigns and candidates changed tactics in hopes of appealing to more people. This was all brought about by the significant economic developments of the century, including transportation, the American system, and more. Each and every one of these events has shaped the way our country runs today.

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