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Civil War The American Civil War is known as one of the harshest battles to have ever taken place. The war took place from 1861-1865. This war divided the nation into two sides. The north, which was also known as the union, was run by President Abraham Lincoln. However, the south, also known as the rebels were run by President Jefferson Davis. It was a result of the decades of sectional tension between the north and the south involving slavery and state rights. Also, the growth of nationalism and in the United States was replaced by sectionalism which led to the start of the civil war. One of the major contributing factors to the start of the Civil War was slavery. Slavery was a major economic issue to the south and a major moral issue to the north. Slavery was also the main force that led to the southern slave states leaving the union. Slavery also caused a major division in the nation by the 1850’s. The South’s viewpoint on slavery was that it was a good thing and that they depended on it. They depended on slavery to run their large plantations and take care of their major cash crop, cotton. Their economy was more agricultural and needed the slaves as workers in the fields and plantations. The South really depended on slavery after the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793. This was a machine that reduced the time it took to remove the seeds from cotton. With the invention of the cotton gin many plantations moved from their other crops to produce cotton. With more and more plantations growing cotton it increased the need for cheap labor which involved the slaves. The South soon became a one crop economy and depended on cotton and therefore on slavery. The South believed that slaves w... ... middle of paper ... the election of Lincoln. They believed that he was on their side and would help abolish slavery. This war face many consequences that are left on the nation today. After the war was over there was a total of 600,000 deaths between both sides. Also the South was completely destroyed. Therefore it was in complete reconstruction and spent a lot of money reconstructing it. However, there were some good consequences from the war. The major issue of slavery is gone and won’t ever be a problem again. Also, eventually it brought the nation together as a whole. The Civil War is known as a very harsh war that effected the nation deeply. The North and South couldn’t agree and fought over power and control. In the end the United States faced many consequences after the war. However it abolished slavery and shaped the future of the United States.

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