Six Characteristics Of Christianity: My Discourse Community Is Christianity

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1805 words

My discourse community is Christianity. My discourse community involves people who believe in God and lives up to the guidelines of the Bible. The people from this community are trying to enhance themselves by learning the Bible. An impeccable member attends church, strive for better lives, and aim to help others spread and disseminate words of wisdom. There are several reasons why Christianity is a discourse community. My discourse community has all of the six characteristics defined by John Swales. In my paper, I will describe how my discourse community meets all of Swales characteristics. The common goal of Christianity is to spread faith and good morals, and we give inspiration. We try to be a good influence in the world and try to make an impact on people lives. Our ambition is to be like God. Everyone is not perfect, so we also try to improve ourselves as well as others. Another goal is to be …show more content…

My family taught me about Jesus at a young age, so I always knew I wanted to have a close relationship with him. Knowing that God is going to have my back no matter what was the best feeling to me. He will never leave a person or turn his back on them. The fact that the Bible guides people is one of the amazing things to me because one scripture can change a person whole life. My discourse community teaches a person about faith, love, and everything a person will ever need in life. Jesus encourages people, and supports people when they fail. Being a Christian motivates me and gives me a meaning of life. Being saved is easy, but the hard part is following his guidelines. He knows people are going to make a lot of mistakes in life, but the fact that he doesn’t judge them is amazing. Accepting Christ means a person has escaped that judgment and therefore they will have external life. Being a part of this discourse community has brought me to a new place in life, and for that I am

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that christianity is a discourse community. it involves people who believe in god and live up to the guidelines of the bible.
  • Explains that the common goal of christianity is to spread faith and good morals, and to be a good influence in the world and make an impact on people lives.
  • Explains that there are countless conflicts when it comes to christianity, such as disagreements between the church members, leadership, and staff.
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