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This course was the first course I took as an incoming freshman, as you, I was scared and nervous at the same time. My first course in college and it is a writing course, I was hesitant if I wanted to stay, but that changed later on. Coming back from summer break, I found it extremely hard to simply come back in and write, even as a high school student let alone as a college student. The fear that my old high school teacher placed in me did not help the case either, saying that once you go to college, your professors would not care about knowing your name or your grade. In addition, a professor that would try to find the littlest errors marks off to make your grade suffer. In contrast, I found that the professor and the course were not so intimidating, a professor that allows office hours just to help you improve your essays, and subjects that are seemingly more interesting than I thought. Enc 1101 has helped me learn more about myself and my writing skills allowing me to self evaluate and become motivated to change.

As the days started moving, the due date for the first essay was to a close end. The professor forced us to share our introduction paragraph aloud to the class. Since I barely knew the professor or the students, I did not find the participating a whole lot of fun. However, after a while in the course, I felt at ease sharing what I had and receiving comments that allowed me to figure out the proper pathway of writing the essay thus giving me a chance for a better grade. Group workshops were then assigned between two individuals, your partner would read your essay and would give positive or negative feedback, to help me figure out my mistakes and improve on those points in my revision process. The transition betwee...

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...negative constraint that arises in this situation is that some of the members would hold themselves back.

For threshold members of the discourse to communicate with their congregation, they have added a new genre, sermons during the Divine Liturgy, to help guide the congregation. Sermons are orations that are told by a member of the clergy, which often address biblical, theological, or moral topics to advise the congregation through difficult times. As part of the feedback aspect of the discourse community, all members of the discourse, are advised to have a father of confession. A negative constraint that may hold members of the discourse from having a father of confession is the thought of judgment by the priest. The positive constraint is having a motivational speaker, who can influence the way you look at your weaknesses and improve in your spiritual fight.
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