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618 words

Discourse communities are groups of people with a unique point of view. There are many discourse communities around your everyday life. These communities are part of the entire human environment. Many discourse communities are distinctly large due to all the societies wanting the same things. My discourse communities are mostly Facebook. Facebook is a discourse community; this community uses a variety of social media to keep people informed about what is going on a daily basis. An individual may write a “post” so that the community can see it or they can post it in another individuals’ “wall”. A wall is a biography of a company or an individual; you may obtain information about this company or individual by simply reading their “wall”. If …show more content…

There is also a unique message called status updates which is simply creating a message for all your friends or even the whole world to see, which most of the times is how one feels. There is also a messenger system that sends messages with a quicker pace than waiting for the message to be sent, read, and replied to. There is also an event invitation that sends a message asking for a fellow member to attend, and with the event it has a feature that responds with either Yes/No/Maybe as a reply. The event feature allows for a chain of invitations to a group, or to all members instead of sending a message one by one to every member. The method of messaging on Facebook follows the standards of texting using jargon such as lol (laughing out loud), stfu (shut the fuck up), brb (be right back), omw (on my way), and several other. These languages are used for quick warnings, quick responses, as well as efficient communication, being that all that use this form of communication seem more at ease and can read it quicker, which is important when there is no pause in a constant battle with few or many

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that discourse communities are groups of people with a unique point of view. they are part of the entire human environment.
  • Explains facebook is a discourse community, which uses various social media to keep people informed about what is going on around them.
  • Explains that facebook's members range from 8 to 114 years old, and that the "stalker" is a shunned member of the discourse community, which leads to many dangers.
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