Significance And Significance Of The Boston Tea Party

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The Boston Tea Party is a major key event in history that we have learned about throughout our years of education. In simple terms, it is when American’s dumped British tea in Boston Harbor which was the outcome of various chaos. Although, not everyone knows the reason why behind it, the importance, and how radical this event was. It was a radical act by the British colony of Massachusetts against the British monarchy, including the East India company that was the main supplier of Tea (The Boston Tea Party). Like a domino effect, with the previous and future events it led us to be what we are today.
Initially, they are various factors that led to the Boston Tea Party in 1773. The main issue being whether Great Britain obtained the right to
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It caused for Parliament to pass the Coercive Acts, which was intended to punish Boston for their actions. Unfortunately for Boston, their ports were shut down until the value of tea and tax due was all paid out. This had a negative outcome since they relied on their shipping and trade for income (Matthews). As stated in the “American Revolution History” article, “the implication and impact of the Boston Tea Party were enormous ultimately leading to the start of the American Revolution”, the result being that American colonies were able to defeat the British with the help of France. It was a big factor for them to be able to obtain independence and were able to from the United States of…show more content…
Emphasizing that they were more important events they should have been worried about. A few might believe that this was something absurd to do and unnecessary. We can also argue that it was the push the colonies needed in order for them to do a change, and the fact that were able to get independence is admirable. They fought for what they deserved, and if it wasn’t for them the United States of America might have never been created. It is something we can reflect on, and a subject that will always be spoken
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