Boston Tea Party Dbq

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Many people believe that the Boston Tea Party arose just because of the Tea Act that came into play in 1773, but in-fact, this major statement arose from two issues surrounding the British Empire in 1765. The first of the issues was that the British East India Company was at risk of going under and the Parliament was finding ways to bring it back. The second issue was that there was a continuing dispute about the extent of the Parliament’s authority. Many colonists believe that the Parliament went overboard with their power and the people were concerned about the future. Attempting to resolve these two major issues, the North Ministry only worsened the problem and produced a showdown that would eventually result in revolution. In the 17th

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the boston tea party arose from two issues surrounding the british empire in 1765.
  • Explains that europeans began to view tea drinking as delicacy in the 17th century. multiple rival companies were assembled to import the product from china in an attempt to make a hefty profit.
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