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    India Company put taxes on Boston the people of Boston got really mad. The reason they were mad was very easy to tell. They were mad for a lot of reasons. One reason is that the British went up on taxes. A couple acts were The Port Act, The Tea Act, The Stamp Act, and The Intolerable acts. The Acts that really upset the colonist were The Tea Act and The Port Act. The Boston Tea Party was one result of the colonists’ anger and outrage from the Tea Act. The Boston Tea Party broke out as a result of the

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    The Boston Tea Party Boston, Massachusetts is known as “the cradle of liberty.” (Stein, R. Conrad. The Boston Tea Party. New York: Children’s, 1996. N. pag. Print (pg. 28) (10-30-13)) The Boston Tea Party occurred on December 16, 1773 as a protest of the American colonists against the British government. Both the British and the colonists loved tea and it brought a substantial amount of money to the East India Trading Company. Due to the heavy debt incurred by the French and Indian War, the

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    “…Patriots disguised as Native Americans threw 342 chests of tea overboard from three British ships” (Hart 71). This event, which the colonists enjoyed but angered the British, was later referred to as the Boston Tea Party. This started off when the East India Company had a superfluous supply of tea that nobody was buying. As a result, they lowered the price of the tea and sent it to America for the colonists to buy. This was called the Tea Act. The colonists weren't stupid and immediately recognized

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    heard of The Boston tea party. When American patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians boarded the British ships in the Boston harbor and dumped all of the tea into the ocean. But what most people fail to realize is the great importance behind this protest. To fully understand a topic of history one must first acknowledge the actions behind it. The French and Indian war, the Stamp Act, the Townshend Revenue Act, as well as the Tea Act are all important catalysts of the legendary Boston tea party. Which is

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    upon three British ships carrying tea, and threw over 90,000 pounds of tea into the harbor. However this was not the cause of the revolutionary war, it was multiple things that the British government did to the Americans to provoke them to fight back. Many think it was right what they did to the American colonist, but many know it was wrong and some even consider it to be illegal. The British Government put a tax on stuff for everyday use, like paper, stamps, tea, etc. The American colonist knew

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    “Boston had been the ringleader in all the riots, and had at all times shown a desire for seeing the laws of Great Britain attempted in vain in the colony of Massachusetts Bay,” European leader Lord North said as he heard news of what happened at Massachusetts Bay, which later came to be called the Boston Tea Party, an event in which angry colonists threw British tea over the harbor in protest of British rule and their harsh taxes on their goods (Luke 53). The events before and after the Boston Tea

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    The Boston Tea Party was an important historical event that happened on the night of December 16th, 1773. This was a predicament that was between the British government and the American colonies. The number one priority of it dealt with taxes, which Britain was requiring American colonies to pay. In 1765, the Stamp Act was created by Parliament to provide money to make peach with the Native Americans and the American settlers. It was an act that was loathed by the colonists of America, and was repealed

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    The Boston Tea Party Most people have heard about the Boston Tea Party. When American’s dumped British Tea in Boston Harbor. But not everyone understands the importance of it, and why the Tea Party is still remembered today. It was on December 16, 1773, when American patriots disguised as Mohawk Indians threw 342 chests of tea belonging to the British East India Company from ships into Boston Harbor. “The Americans were protesting both a tax on tea (the Townshend Acts) and the perceived monopoly

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    significant of the Boston Tea Party? Everyone has not every thought that tea is a symbol of inequity. When the British won the French and Indian war (1754~1763), they needed an army. However, soldiers were expensive, so they decided to pass the Tea Act to get money for soldiers. They wanted the colonists to pay more taxes. After the Tea Act was passed to help East India Company that is a British trading company (World Book “Boston Tea Party”), the American colonists had to buy only the tea of East India

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    events leading up to the independence of America. Some of them were small, but others were much more significant. The Boston Tea Party was one of the more important events. The Boston Tea Party marked the first piece of open resistance to the tight British rule. The Boston Tea Party alone was not the main event that brought America her independence. However, the Boston Tea Party was the larger of many little things that led up to the revolutionary war. In 1700, there were only 200,000 inhabitants

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    Boston Tea Party Throughout the course of history there have been many events up to the independence of America. Some of them were small, where others were much more significant. One of the more important events was the Boston tea party. When the Boston tea party comes to mind, many people think of the ship and the tea and patriotism in the 18th century. Let’s talk about what actually is the Boston tea party. The Boston Tea Party was significant act of civil disobedience that worried the Americans

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    was the Boston Tea Party in 1774.At this location where the December 16, 1773 destruction of the tea occurred. The original location of the Boston Tea Party no longer existed due to extensive landfills that destroyed the location. This was caused by the city of Boston’s rapid growth in the 19th century. In 18th century Boston, Griffin’s Wharf was a bustling center for maritime commerce and shipping. The perfect region of the original Griffin’s Wharf is open to debate, but the Boston Tea Party Ships

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    Boston Tea Party When the Boston Tea Party occurred on the evening of December 16,1773, it was the culmination of many years of bad feeling between the British government and her American colonies. The controversy between the two always seemed to hinge on the taxes, which Great Britain required for the upkeep of the American colonies. Starting in 1765, the Stamp Act was intended by Parliament to provide the funds necessary to keep peace between the American settlers and the Native American population

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    Boston Tea Party - by m.ems The Boston Tea Party is considered to be the boiling point in a series of events leading up to the revolutionary war against the British. When a group of devout colonists, boarded British tea ships and unloaded their cargo into the Boston harbor, America would be changed forever. What was, at first, seen as an act of mischievous rebellion, turned out to be one of the most influential events in America’s revolutionary history. It not only crippled the already struggling

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    The Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party took place not long after the Tea Act was passed by Parliament on May 10, 1773. The Act allowed the British East India Company full control of the trade of tea. However it did not affect the taxation which was previously passed in the Revenue Act in 1767. The Revenue Act taxed the most important items that the colonies bought and traded, which also included lead, glass, paint, and paper. Nonimportation agreements were signed by all of the American Colonies

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    later to known as the Boston Tea Party, which was meant to battle and conclude the British “taxation without representation.” During the fall of 1773, Great Britain still controlled the American colonies (Matt Doeden, Charles Barnet, Dave Hoover, The Boston Tea Party). British Parliament passed the Tea Act, which sold the colonists tea at a overwhelming low price, and had to pay tax on the tea (Matt Doeden, Charles Barnet, Dave Hoover, The Boston Tea Party). The Boston Tea Party uncloaked our nation's

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    The known story of the acts committed during the Boston tea party refers to Sons of liberty stalking up to a British ship and throwing chests of tea overboard. Even though this is not completely accurate, the story behind the Boston tea party forms the shaping of the new world. The Tea Act was the final straw of a long list of taxes and laws that Great Britain implemented on the colonist’s that led to the Boston Tea Party and eventually led to the American Revolution. In the start of 1754 Great Britain

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    The Boston Tea Party The night of December 16th 1773 also known as The Boston Tea Party may be one of the most influential and liberating days in American History. This particular day is important in American History because it was the main event in American history that sparked the Revolution. When the Boston Tea Party occurred on the evening of December 16th, 1773 it was the result of culmination of many bad feeling between the British Government and her colonies. A reoccurring issue that occurred

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    Thesis- Historical Signicance of the Boston Tea Party - Boston, Massachusetts 1773: Boston Tea Party introduction- One might wonder why I've choosen this topic well it's easy it seems that history has a weird sense of irony to it doesn't it. A long time in place not to uncommon from today we American's were being bullied by a systemical system of tyrant's who wanted absouletly no more then to just get there way and leave us shang highed thankfully we American's didn't back down. A governantce

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    Hartshorn English III CP 28 March 2014 The Boston Tea Party There were many events that led the United States to gain its independence. One of those events was the Boston Tea Party. That event led to the American Revolution and eventually for the United States to officially gain its independence from Britain. All it took was for a group of colonist who decided to stand up for what they thought was right. That led to a radical event, a port filled with tea. It all began in 1766 when the Townshend Act