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When the British East India Company put taxes on Boston the people of Boston got really mad. The reason they were mad was very easy to tell. They were mad for a lot of reasons. One reason is that the British went up on taxes. A couple acts were The Port Act, The Tea Act, The Stamp Act, and The Intolerable acts. The Acts that really upset the colonist were The Tea Act and The Port Act. The Boston Tea Party was one result of the colonists’ anger and outrage from the Tea Act. The Boston Tea Party broke out as a result of the Stamp Act and many other taxes on the colonies. Before The Boston Tea Party, life in the colonies was hard. The people farmed. They farmed crops for food and for money. They also bought, sold, raised, and killed animals for wealth and for food. Most of them used the animal skins for coats to wear for warmth in the winter. When it came to education, boys had a limited amount of it. They usually learned how to work in the fields and plant crops. The girls spent most of their time learning home economics. They learned how to do chores like wash the dishes, clean the house, and cook food for the men that worked all day. When The British took control over the colonies they imposed a lot of taxes on the colonists. One tax was the Tea Act. The Act allowed a kickback of the duties and customs on the exportation of tea to His Majesty’s colonies to go up on the tea to be sold by the British East India Company. When the British did this, the colonists were outraged. One night when they finally had enough of the taxes, the people and the colonists joined up at night at the Boston Harbor. As they wore Indian-style clothing and jewelry they threw three hundred and forty two chests of tea belonging to The British East India C... ... middle of paper ... to keep the trade coming from other countries or people out of Boston. Also so the colonists could not get any wealth or goods from foreign lands or people. This Act was only one of the many taxes put on the colonists. The other acts were the Quebec Act, Quartering Act, Justice Act, and many more. These acts were only some of the taxes and laws that came to be known as the Intolerable Acts. The Intolerable Acts were a big issue after the Boston Tea Party happened. In conclusion, the British East India Company imposed a lot of taxes and laws on the colonists and people of Boston. They made them feel like they were treated unfairly, and used just for wealth and income for their mother country. In the end they had a big war called The American Revolution. The colonists won and gained back the rights and freedoms they had before the British exerted control over them.

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