Should Fast Food Advertising Be Banned?

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If you were just at home watching your television you most like saw an advertisement that made you hungry or at least tried to do so. Fast food advertisers are becoming enemies to society by creating such poor eating habits because of what they advertise. A question a lot of us as ourselves is: Should fast food advertising be banned? Fast food advertising can be a very controversial subject and everyone views the issue differently. Fast food advertising has become more popular over the years and a lot of money is being spent on this kind of advertising alone. I, like many others believe that food advertising should and needs to be banned. Over recent years the number of people suffering from obesity has increased significantly. Advertisers also tend to advertise foods high rich in fats and high in calories. In a lot of cases television advertising plays a role in children’s poor eating habits. A good reason why fast food advertising should be banned is because over recent years obesity has increased in large numbers and people in general are becoming more overweight. It doesn’t just randomly happen because people decide they want to be fat and start eating recklessly. Obviously there is a lot more behind it then what people might think. Researchers surveyed over 3000 youths and they were asked about height weight age and things of that nature and were also shown edited images selected from television ads. According to the survey 18% of the participants were overweight and 15% were obese(par.7). These statistics show that a good percentage of the people that were surveyed are obese and overweight. Dr. McLure states that a similar “A similar association with obesity was not found for familiarity with televised alcohol ads, suggesti... ... middle of paper ... ...g statistics that prove the point that I am in favor of. According to Bill McConnel “Today 15% of children age 6 and older are overweight, more than double the proportion two decades ago” (1). These stats have only increased since the rise of advertisers targeting a large percentage of young people. Even worse now more than ever conditions that were once limited to adults are now hitting today’s children. I strongly believe it is fair to say that fast food advertising should definitely be banned. Advertisers purposely target a specific group of people and fool them into making their lives worse. These advertisers have no remorse and will keep doing what they do unless we step up and take action against what we believe in. There is overwhelming evidence that proves my point and illustrates an image of how advertisers are making our population more and more obese.

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